How to Delete Your EcoPerq Account: A Simple Guide

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The Option to Leave

At EcoPerq, we respect your decision to leave and offer a straightforward way to cancel your account at any time.

Steps to Account Deletion

To delete your account, visit the settings menu on the EcoPerq platform (, sign in, and head to the "Legal & privacy" section. Select "Delete EcoPerq account" and confirm the action. This step permanently removes your personal data, though we might retain some information as required by law.

Consequences of Deletion

Be aware that deleting your account results in the loss of all collected loyalty points and unredeemed rewards. This action is irreversible.

Starting Fresh

You’re always welcome to create a new EcoPerq account if you decide to return.

Note on Social Media Revocation

Revoking EcoPerq's access through the social media platform used for registration won’t automatically delete your EcoPerq account.

We aim to make your experience with EcoPerq transparent and under your control, even when it's time to say goodbye.

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