Understanding Point Collection with EcoPerq: Requirements and Limitations (Part 1)

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QR Code Scanning for Points

To collect points, simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code at the visited location. Each scan during a check-in rewards you with a loyalty point, seamlessly integrating into your EcoPerq experience.

Different Reward Requirements

Each business sets its own threshold for how many points are needed to earn a reward. This varies from place to place, adding a unique flavor to each visit. Also, you cannot transfer your points from one business to another.

Daily Point Collection Limit

EcoPerq allows you to collect one point per day at each location. If a business has multiple outlets in a town, you're in luck! You can collect one point at each distinct location every day.

Location Validation Requirement

To ensure fair point collection, EcoPerq requires location validation. When collecting a point, just accept the location sharing prompt. This step is crucial for the point collection process, as we use it to ensure you are the right location when trying to check-in.

Calendar Day Restriction

Already collected a point at a location today? You'll need to wait until the next calendar day to collect another point there.

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