The Tree Planting Initiative of EcoPerq: Bridging Loyalty and Climate Action

An illustration of trees.
EcoPerq's Commitment to the Environment

At EcoPerq, we strive to link everyday activities, like enjoying a cup of coffee, to supporting climate-friendly initiatives.

Tree Planting Through Business Partnerships

We support tree planting projects after a certain number of reward redemptions, a cost covered by our business partnerships, not our users.

Tracking Our Progress

Users can view the progress towards the next tree planting directly on the EcoPerq platform.

Collaboration with Tree Planting Organisations

Our tree planting efforts are done through payments to third party organisations, ensuring authenticity and impact.

Independence of Planting Activities

Trees planted by EcoPerq are not attributed to specific businesses or users. The actual planting is managed by our partner organisations, and EcoPerq doesn’t control the specific timing of these activities.

Against Greenwashing

EcoPerq is committed to genuine environmental efforts, firmly standing against any form of greenwashing.

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